Each day of the ThermoJo 30 Day Kickstart is shown below.
Going through each day in order will help you to understand all the content.
However, you can skip to whichever day you like at any time.

I know that you will be loving your Thermomix® TM6, and cooking up a storm, in no time.

Day 1 Thermojo product on a light background

Day 1: Cookidoo® – Searching for Recipes and Collections

Day 2 nutrition program items including fruits and vegetables

Day 2: Cookidoo® – Saving Collections and Recipes

Day 3 weight loss progress chart screenshot

Day 3: Parts and Accessories – Delivery Day

Thermojo Day 4 event image

Day 4: Parts and Accessories – Touch Screen and Settings

Day 5 challenge on thermojo wellness program

Day 5: Parts and Accessories – Touch Screen Navigation and Tips

Day 6 thermojo wellness challenge scale image

Day 6: Modes and Functions – Guided Cooking

Thermojo day 9 health challenge poster

Day 9: Modes and Functions – Manual Mode

Australian desert landscape under a clear blue sky

Day 10: Parts and Accessories – Cleaning your TM6

Day 11 Thermojo weight loss challenge infographic

Day 11: Modes and Functions Part 1 – Overview, Scales, Turbo

Thermojo day 12 challenge image

Day 12: Recipes – Basics, the TM6 in action

Day 13 visual chart from Thermojo

Day 13: Modes and Functions Part 2 – Dough, Pre-Clean

Individual holding a thermometer from Thermojo website

Day 14: Parts and Accessories – Optional Accessories

Day 15 Thermographic image on Thermojo

Day 15: Modes and Functions Part 3 – Egg Boiler, Blend, Kettle

Day 16 workout infographic from Thermojo

Day 16: Cookidoo® – using My Week + Meal Planning Templates

Thermojo's day 17 health challenge instructions image

Day 17: Modes and Functions Part 4 – Warm Up and Fermentation

Thermal imaging camera display checking temperature.

Day 18: Recipes – Using the Varoma

Infrared thermal image camera for building inspection

Day 19: Modes and Functions Part 5 – Sous Vide, Slow Cook, Thicken

Thermojo day 21 progress snapshot

Day 21: Modes and Functions Part 6 – High Heat and Sugar Stages

Thermojo day 22 event poster

Day 22: Modes and Functions Part 7 – Peeler, Rice Cooker

Day 23 Thermojo calendar image

Day 23: Parts and Accessories – The Mix Shop

Image of a high-tech temperature measurement device

Day 24: Cookidoo® – Adding your own recipes

Scaled image from Thermojo showing day 25 progress

Day 25: Meal Planning – Cook Ahead Ideas and Meal Prepping

Day 26 thermos flask on table

Day 26: Recipes – Converting Recipes to the Thermomix® Method

Thermojo daily challenge graphic for day 27

Day 27: Recipes – Perfect Mash Potato

Day 28 thermography image from Thermojo

Day 28: Recipes – Making Yoghurt

Day 30 product highlight from Thermojo

Day 30: Recipes – Recommended Websites and Cookbooks

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