I am Jo Reardon, a Thermomix® Consultant selling across Australia.

I live near the beach in Kewarra Beach, Cairns, Queensland. Kewarra Beach is a fantastic Northern Beaches suburb of Cairns, Far North Queensland – it is near trinity Beach, Trinity Park, Palm Cove, Clifton Beach and on the way / not far from Port Douglas.
I live with my husband Dale and Dale’s seeing eye dog Cookie. Cookie is a black Labrador x Golden Retriever.

I have been an avid fan of the Thermomix® since 2009 when I bought the TM31 model. I am now very excited to be a Thermomix® Consultant and to be using the incredible TM6. Why didn’t I upgrade earlier?

My welcome video:

YouTube video

P.S. If you don’t want to dine out all the time, Once you have sourced your fresh fruit and vegetables you can create and cook some amazing meals using a Thermomix TM6 and Jo provides great advice and the latest recipes she is using on her Thermomix TM6 cooking blog
Jo also provides a free 7 part video series answering all your questions about the Thermomix TM6

There is also a very useful article I have written comparing the Thermomix TM31 to the Thermomix TM6 and why to upgrade

Importantly you can buy a Thermomix TM6 without a demo and here is how.

Also I want to point out that you will receive a 30 day kickstart course on how to make the most of your Thermomix TM6 if you buy a Thermomix TM6 through me or list me as your consultant without having a demo.

And before you explore the rest of the site you can also get a free meal planning template to make life and cooking easier for you.


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