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Starting as a Thermomix® Consultant in Australia

If you are starting to think about learning more about starting as a Thermomix® Consultant in Australia, then I am here to help.

The best place to start is my page All About Starting as a Thermomix Consultant.

In this post I am focusing on the incentives you will receive, on top of commission, if you sign up as a consultant.

If you have any questions at all, or would like more information on commission or the option to earn your Thermomix® TM6 to get your business started, then please contact me by using the form below.

Click here to ask all your questions.

Incentives and Commission structure for Thermomix® Consultant

As a Thermomix® Consultant in Australia you earn commission for all sales and there are also incentives along the way.

Although not guaranteed, there will normally be incentives for consultants each month. So there may be an incentive for 1,2 3 or 4 sales, for example. The incentives are most commonly items that are available (or coming soon) in TheMix Shop.

In the past incentives have included Kobold Vacuums, the Ovana Pizza Oven, TM6 Bowl Blade and Lid Sets, Firra Cast Iron Bakeware, Blade Cover and Peeler, the new TM Cutter, Glider Board, Vac-U-Seal pack, Thermomix® Sensor, Rose Gold Bakeware and the Grazing Box. The limited edition Black Thermomix® TM6 was also offered as a super incentive in 2022, and the Limited Edition Sparkling Black Thermomix® TM6 was offered in 2023.

A new consultant starting is automatically able to earn the general consultant incentives. However, they also have additional incentives in the first year.

The 60 Day program incentives are detailed below. Then the Booster Rewards program is available over the remaining 10 months of the first year with many incentives available as detailed below.

Your First 60 Days as a Thermomix® Consultant

When you first start as a consultant you are in 60 Day Program. To learn more about the 60 Day Program, check out my post on FAQ: All about starting as a Thermomix® Consultant. 

The incentives provided throughout the 60DP are:

  • Achieve 3 closed sales in your first 60 days of business and you’ll earn a Thermomix® Cutter and Blade, Cover and Peeler, valued at $288.
  • Achieve 6 closed sales in your first 60 Days of business and you’ll earn a TM6 Bowl, Blade and Lid set. Valued at $395.

Thermomix incentives, 60-day program rewards.

Note that the incentives are cumulative. If you achieve six sales, then you receive the Thermomix® Cutter and Blade, Cover and Peeler and the TM6 Bowl, Blade and Lid set.

You will also be eligible to earn the standard consultant incentives that may be in place during your 60DP.

Your first year as a Thermomix® Consultant

After you complete your 60 Day Program, you then enter Booster Rewards. This program was launched in January 2024.

Booster Rewards commences on the first day after your 60DP ends. You have up to 10 months to collect the rewards on offer.

These rewards are amazing and you will receive a reward for each sale, up to 12 sales, during the Booster Rewards program. If you achieve 12 sales, the value of all the rewards you will receive is over $5000. Remember, this is on top of your commission and standard consultant incentives.

The rewards for each sale at the time or writing are:

  1. Thermomix® Cookbook and Tea Towel
  2. Oval Thermomix® Server
  3. Vac-u-Seal set
  4. Gold Bakeware
  5. Thermomix® Sensor
  6. Glider Board
  7. Bowl, Blade and Lid Set
  8. Insulated carry basket
  9. TM6 Trolley Bag
  10. Thermomix® Cutter
  11. Ovana Pizza Oven
  12. Thermomix® TM6 (yes, earn a new TM6 with your 12th sale!)
Promotional flyer for business rewards program with kitchen appliances.

Note that this list of rewards may change from time to time, but for the 12th sale you will be rewarded with a Thermomix® TM6. As the owner of two, it is pretty great!

You will also receive rewards for introducing new consultants to the Thermomix® business. In addition, you are eligible for all standard consultant incentives. 

As part of the Booster Rewards Program, there is also some mandatory ongoing training for you to complete. This program is all about giving you the skills and tools to set up your Thermomix® business.

Ask all your questions about starting as a Thermomix® Consultant in Australia.

Please complete the form below if you have any questions about starting as a Thermomix Consultant.

There is also a lot more information on my page All About Starting as a Thermomix Consultant.

  • Please note that I am an Australian Thermomix® Consultant and can only assist you if you live in Australia.
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