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Why being a Thermomix® Consultant is an ideal side hustle

If you are looking for a side hustle or a small business opportunity that you can fit in around all your other commitments, then starting as a Thermomix® Consultant may just be what you are looking for.

The key advantages of being a Thermomix® Consultant are:

  • you get to set your own hours – it can’t get more flexible than that!
  • you are able to create the side hustle, or small business, that you want and works around everything else you do
  • you are demonstrating and selling a well regarded and excellent product
  • you are given all the training you need to get started and feel confident in your new role
  • you are part of a team with a team leader, which gives you support and a lot of fun
  • your initial commitment is only 60 days, and in that time you can earn your Thermomix® TM6 if you don’t already own one
  • you do not need any specific experience to get started, and you will receive all the training you need to be successful

How do you get started as a Thermomix® Consultant?

For all the information on how to get started as a Thermomix® Consultant and what is involved in that process, I have created a detailed separate blog post for you.

Click here for all the FAQs on getting started as a Thermomix® Consultant 

I have also gone into detail in another post to share how I have chosen to set up my Thermomix® consulting business.

Click here to read about how I have created my Thermomix® Consulting business.

In this post I want to focus on the advantages of joining as a Thermomix® Consultant to create a super flexible side hustle or small business for yourself.

Work for yourself as a Thermomix® Consultant and enjoy time freedom and flexibility

Work from home as a Thermomix® Consultant

When you start your side hustle or small business as a Thermomix® Consultant, you are working from home, which gives you the ultimate flexibility to fit this new focus into your current life and other commitments.

Of course, if you choose to offer Thermomix® demonstrations face to face, then you will travel to your customers’ homes to demonstrate the Thermomix®.

Set your own business hours

You really can set your own goals, and your own work hours, when you join as a Thermomix® Consultant. 

You are encouraged through the training, and by your Team Leader, to consider how much time you are able to commit to your business. You then decide when you are available to work on your business and in demonstrating the Thermomix® TM6 through cooking experiences.

For example, you may decide that you are able to commit to take bookings for Thermomix® demonstrations on Sunday afternoons and Tuesday nights only. Or maybe during the day on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Then when you don’t have bookings, you can allocate this time to working on getting more bookings and sales.

Of course, the more you put into it the more you will get out of it. However, the choice is yours.

Work around your other commitments

Setting up your Thermomix® consulting side hustle works perfectly for many people who already have full time or part time work commitments. They allocate times to work on their Thermomix® Consulting and are therefore able to add an additional income stream into the mix.

The Thermomix® Consulting model in Australia is also well suited for stay at home mums and dads. Many consultants start during this phase in their lives, and many then continue for many years. In some cases this may mean scaling up the time commitment when time allows and moving from a side hustle to a small business focus.

Time required for training

When you first get started there is some online training to do, which takes around five hours. You are also required to do some practical training, which shows you how to run cooking experiences, where you showcase the Thermomix® TM6 to a group of people.

Beyond the required training, there is a lot of other online training available to you which you can complete as required and based on your needs and interests. As for any other business you may start, it is then up to you how much ongoing training you would like to undertake.

Monthly Meetings

You will become part of a team, with a Team Leader to support you along the way.

The teams each meet monthly. Some of these teams meet in person when they are all nearby, however it is now more common for teams to operate virtually and for you to meet online.

Each team is also then a part of a Branch, which consists of up to around 10 teams. A Business Development Manager leads the Branch and will run a monthly Branch Meeting.

At each of these meetings you will be kept up to date with everything happening in the world of Thermomix®, including new offers, incentives, accessories and results.

You are required to attend each of these meetings, which are usually scheduled on a Monday evening and run for 60-90 minutes.

Are all Thermomix® Consultant women, or are there some men too?

Everyone is welcome! Although you will find that the vast majority of Thermomix® Consultants in Australia are women.

There are certainly some men in the mix, some doing as a side hustle and some more as a small business opportunity.

Whatever your gender identity, you are most welcome at Thermomix®.

Choose how to set up your new Thermomix® side hustle or small business

Who can I sell to when I am a Thermomix® Consultant?

When you sign up as a consultant in Australia, you can sell to anyone in Australia. You cannot sell in New Zealand or any other country.

Originally all sales teams were location based and pretty much stuck to their local town or city doing in person cooking demonstrations.

Since 2020, the options have expanded and every consultant now has the option to sell to anyone in Australia, wherever they live. Thermomix® Cooking Demos can be conducted in person or online. Many teams are now made up of consultants in different locations.

Customers also have the option to purchase online, directly through the website. As a consultant you are able to give your prospective customers a link that will ensure that you are listed as their consultant when they purchase online.

How do Thermomix® Consultants sell the Thermomix®?

The Thermomix® sales model is all about Network Marketing. This means that the consultant conducts a demo (in home or online) for someone who is either interested in a Thermomix® or already has one. They, as host, then invite two or more guests to learn about the Thermomix®. Those guests may then either buy a Thermomix® TM6, decide to host their own demo with friends, or be not interested at this time.

Bookings for Thermomix® Cooking Demonstrations are at the core of the networking marketing model. So it works well if you can continue to book demos from new customers and guests from previous demonstrations. 

When you have a new customer, you can offer them the chance to host a demo with their friends, which expands your network. This cycle can then continue as more people see the Thermomix® TM6. At each demo you may get a sale or a booking for a cooking demo – or both.

Click here to read more about Cooking Demos and what rewards are on offer for your hosts.

However not everyone wants a demo, and some customers are happy to buy and are not interested in a demo or Host Rewards. That’s fine – and your job is to work out what support they want from you.

Remember that you can conduct Thermomix® Cooking Demonstrations online, as well as in person. Online demos are often shorter and take less time for you as a consultant.

You may also make sales and secure bookings for online demos from your online marketing and social media marketing.

As a consultant, you are able to create your own Buy Link, that you can share with your prospective customers when they are ready to buy, and also share on social media. This link takes them to the Thermomix® website shopping cart, where the TM6 is already in the cart and you will be showing as the consultant.

Face to face, virtual or a hybrid?

How to set up your business in terms of being virtual, face-to-face, or a hybrid of both is completely up to you.

You will probably find that it is easiest to do your initial demonstrations in person with people you know hosting with their guests. This creates a friendly environment and gives you the opportunity to practice what you have learned in the training. You will then find that some of these guests become your first customers and/or decide to host demos at their own homes, with their friends. 

If you choose to sell online through social media marketing and/or through a website, then you can certainly also use the networking marketing model, by asking your customers to host demos locally or through Zoom. However you will likely find that many of your sales will be from people who have not been introduced to you through the networks you have created. They will find you on social media or Google and may use your links to buy without contacting you at all.

Of course there are pros and cons to each option, especially around the relationships you develop with your customers. Online you will find that many of your customers don’t really want ongoing assistance, but they know you are there when they need you.

I have ended up creating a hybrid model for my business, which works well, but I do lean more to the virtual model.

Click here to read more about how I have set up my Thermomix® consulting business.

Your commitment as a Thermomix® Consultant in Australia

When you sign up as a Thermomix® Consultant in Australia you commit to a few things, which include:

  • The purchase of a Thermomix® TM6 (if not already an owner). This can be earned if you choose.
  • The purchase of the Thermomix® Consultant business kit, for $125
  • Undertake initial online and practical training prior to your official start date
  • Attendance at monthly Team Meetings and monthly Branch Meetings
  • Regular communication with your Team Leader
  • Be active in your business each month, with a minimum of one Thermomix® TM6 sale

The requirement to be active with at least one sale per month can be difficult in some months when other life commitments take over and you have not had the time to commit to your Thermomix® Consulting. The most important thing is to remain in contact with your team leader and communicate when things are more difficult for you. They will help you come up with some ideas to get things going again with new bookings for demos.

It is also important to note, that if you are not active in a particular month, then you will not receive any commission for sales from The Mix Shop, or referral payments for Kobold sales.

Click here for all the FAQs on getting started as a Thermomix® Consultant 

How much money can you make as a Thermomix® Consultant?

As a Thermomix® Consultant in Australia you are able to access several streams of income and incentives.

Firstly, you receive commission for each sale of a Thermomix® TM6. The standard commission ranges from $240 to $410 per sale. The amount earned per sale increases the more sales you make in the month.

When you are actively selling the TM6 (i.e. at least one sale in the month) you also qualify to receive commissions on sales in The Mix Shop, which is the online shop selling Thermomix® accessories and great quality kitchenware, bakeware and more. You will also earn referral fees for sales of Kobold vacuum products. Kobold products are made by Vorwerk, the same company that makes the Thermomix®.

Although not guaranteed, there are normally additional incentives offered to consultants each month. Again, earning an incentive will generally relate to the number of sales you make in the calendar month. There may also be incentives related to introducing new consultants to the business.

Finally, if you do introduce someone to the Thermomix® business and they qualify as a consultant with at least three sales in their first 60 days, then you will receive a one-off recruitment bonus.

One other bonus of being a Thermomix® Consultant is that you receive the 15% consultant discount for your own purchases in The Mix Shop. This does come in very handy, especially when a sale is on!

You don't need to be a sales person!

Almost everyone who thinks about starting as a Thermomix® Consultant has the doubting thought that they can’t do it as they aren’t a sales person. However, you don’t really need to be.

I am most definitely not a “sales person”. I see my role as sharing as much as I can about what the Thermomix® can do, and how it can save time every day. People who attend a demo or find my website or social media then have the information they need to decide if buying a Thermomix® is the right thing for them, right now.

You will find that the Thermomix® effectively sells itself when people can see the variety of what it does and how hands free cooking can make such a difference in their lives. The question is then for the individual as to whether they can invest in this now. It is still a significant financial decision for many. Your job at that stage is to explain the payment options available to them and answer all their questions.

You will receive training in how best to demonstrate the Thermomix® and how to respond to questions and objections. There is also a lot of optional training you can do that will assist with the sales aspect of Thermomix® consulting.

Many of the leads and sales you will get through demos and online will be people who have already seen the Thermomix® through a friend, or know a little about it and what to know more. So in those cases you are talking with a “warm lead” if you like, which means you have a conversation and respond to their questions.

You have the support of your Thermomix® team

When you join as a Thermomix® Consultant in Australia you become a member of a team.

My team is a virtual team with team members in Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. We meet online and our team leader lives in Hobart.

The team you are allocated to is normally the same one as the current consultant who introduces you to the business. So if you enquire through me about becoming a consultant, then you will most likely join the same team as me. However you will be offered the opportunity to join a team based in your local area if you prefer to meet with your team face-to-face.

The team environment is an important part of the support structure that Thermomix® in Australia provides for consultants. Your team leader is your first point of contact as you undertake your initial training and get started in your new business. They are there to help you create goals and make a plan for getting there.

The team itself is also a great support. Of course I can only speak of my own experience here, but our team is great!! We meet monthly in our team meetings and between times we are chatting in our Facebook Messenger group almost daily. There is always someone to answer your questions or offer support along the way. We also like to celebrate our sales and other wins.

In summary, the pros and cons of being a Thermomix® Consultant

Absolutely no business or side hustle will be perfect, and being a Thermomix® Consultant is no different. 

Following are my own thoughts based on my experience of under two years as a Thermomix® Consultant in Australia, and also in comparing to other businesses I have created in the past.

The big pros of being a Thermomix® Consultant in Australia:

  • You are selling a product you do not need to create yourself. For anyone who has tried to create a business previously, this is a big one. You are selling a product that is established and known for excellence.
  • The start up risk and costs are incredibly low. You need to buy the business kit for $125 (with products valued at over $300), and own a Thermomix® TM6. You can earn your Thermomix® in the first 60 days with six sales.
  • You are not making a long term commitment on day one, or at any time. You initially commit for the 60 Day Program only. Many consultants will earn their Thermomix® in the 60 days and then leave. The company supports that option.
  • Marketing materials are supplied to you to use in your social media and other online marketing. Of course you can also create your own if you wish.
  • You can create a lot of your social media content from your every day cooking that you are already doing. Take photos of everything and start posting!
  • You are working in your own business, but you are never alone. You are a part of a supportive team.
  • Since 2020 the company has modernised and embraced the online selling model. You can learn about and use online marketing techniques to assist you in your new business.

Some of the frustrations or cons, in my experience, have been:

  • You are selling an excellent product, but often the cost is out of the reach for many people. For me, once people know the payment options and tell me they can’t prioritise it now, that is absolutely fine. I ask if they would like to receive my email newsletter and if they want me to follow up down the track.
  • There is the pressure to remain active in your business, which means at least one sale per month. Unfortunately doing demos or making Mix Shop sales do not equate to being active. If you are inactive you will receive an automatic email from Thermomix® and encouraged to talk with your team leader to come up with a plan.
  • You generally only get a day or two’s notice when new special offers are starting. This does make it difficult to plan your own marketing activities.

The pros are definitely outweighing the cons for me, else I wouldn’t still be here. There really is so little risk to giving it a go. So if you already love the Thermomix®, or would love to earn the Thermomix® TM6, then why not give it a go?

The next steps for learning more about starting your Thermomix® Consultant side hustle

The next step to learn more is to get in contact with me by completing the form below.

I am more than happy to answer all your questions and let you know more about the process to get started.

  • Please note that I am an Australian Thermomix® Consultant and can only assist you if you live in Australia.
  • Please enter your suburb/town and state or territory

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