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My current favourite meal to cook when I want something quick, or really can’t be bothered, is garlic prawns.

It is a recipe where I make sure I always have everything on hand. I keep a bag of frozen prawns in the freezer and everything else is from the pantry or fridge.

How I adapt the recipe a little:

  • I make this recipe to serve two and make it more soup-y by reducing the prawns to what we need. For us, I defrost my prawns on paper towel across a standard baking tray. The thawed weight tends to be around 300 grams.
  • I add an onion at step one
  • If I don’t have a fresh chilli I use chilli flakes
  • I always have peeled garlic in the freezer, so use that. If you don’t have any fresh, use flakes or powder.
  • Everything else is per this very simple recipe. 

I also like to make this when I have made bread, so I can toast some and smother in garlic butter! I just mix some garlic powder with softened butter. Nothing like the double garlic hit!

Click here for the Garlic Prawns recipe.


I think before I make this next I will amend the recipe to this version and save in my Created Recipes. 

Click here to learn how to amend recipes on Cookidoo.

Let me know in the comments what your current quick favourite recipes are. I can help you convert them to the Thermomix® method if  you need.

1 thought on “My favourite quick dinner made in the Thermomix®”

  1. This is really a very quick and tasty dish.
    I really like prawns and as Jo says when combined with fresh garlic bread it is wonderful.
    You can adjust the spice / chilli hotness to your desired level also.

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