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It has been a couple of weeks since I have shared my meal plan. Some weeks it can be a little less organised here – but it really helps me when I do take the time to plan on the weekend.

I hope my meal plan provides you with some inspiration and ideas for your Thermomix® cooking.

Click here to see my other posts about meal planning – each with lots of recipe ideas and links for you.

How I do my meal plan

  • Go through Cookidoo® and look through my saved recipes to see if anything appeals for this week. I often also search for some new recipes based on what I feel like eating.
  • Add recipes to My Week, which is the meal planning facility in Cookidoo®.
  • I have a heap of recipes that I like that are not on Cookidoo®, but have been collected over the years. Some of these are Thermomix® recipes from cookbooks, and many others are not specific Thermomix® recipes, but in many cases I have adapted them to be made in the Thermomix®.
  • If I have a week where I have recipes from different sources, then I will print out my ThermoJo Meal Planning template to use. On this I can write each day’s meals and where it is recorded, make a note of the basics I need to restock, snacks to make, and note when we are either eating out of having leftovers.
  • I then create my shopping list in Cookidoo®, add in items I need for other recipes and then print out or send these over to Woolworths if I am doing an online shop.
Click here to grab your copy of the ThermoJo Meal Planning template.

This week: Restock Basics, Regulars and Drinks

Each week there are normally some basics that need restocking, along with some regular favourites to make that form part of lunches or snacks. This week I also share a cocktail we have made a couple of times.

This week, I will be making:

  • Taco seasoning: my stocks were low and I needed it for the Nachos recipe. I use it for all Mexican cooking – and some other things. It saves heaps of time putting in each individual spice each time, and takes only a few minutes to make.
  • Pesto: our basil plants are going super well, so it is time for pesto again. No specific recipe in mind to use this with, but fresh bread with pesto and cheese sounds good to me.
  • Orange choc chip muffins: I have linked to the 30 Second Whole Orange Cake recipe from the Recipe Community. I use this recipe to make muffins. I reduce the sugar a bit and add in choc chips. Super yum.
  • Tzatziki: a staple that I love to have in the fridge. I use my Thermomix® homemade yoghurt for this.
  • Mojito-style cocktails: I grew some mint – so what else would I make! This recipe is pretty good. The second time I altered it to not blitz up lime peel. I also added heaps more of the lime prices into the jug. We also used crushed ice from the fridge dispenser.

For the Orange Muffin recipe, I have brought the cake recipe into my Created Recipes in Cookidoo® and made the alterations I needed to make my version as muffins.

Click here to see how to import recipes from the Recipe Community into Cookidoo®.

This week: Four Dinners and Plenty of Leftovers

So normally I would make three main meals from Monday to Wednesday, with leftovers on Thursday. Ideally I also prep those meals and cook ahead so I am not cooking each night. 

Friday night is normally a couple of drinks, cheese, maybe some homemade dip or pate. Saturday we may be out, or else I will throw something together from whatever we have, maybe pizza – and sometimes we will have takeaway. Sunday is meant to be easy, so could just be eggs or grab something from the freezer stash.

This week, My friend Clare arrives for a visit on Thursday, so I will be prepping ahead for a meal for that night, and making a couple of other main meals for earlier in the week. I will be making:

  • Chilli Cheese Nachos: I actually made these for last Friday night. I did a double batch of the mix as then it uses whole tins of beans and tomatoes, and all the mince I had. I am freezing the remaining mix which will do is three more rounds of nachos at least, or alternatively will make a good Chilli Con Carne. I used my Taco Seasoning in this recipe instead of the individual spices it asks for. Very yum mix.
  • Mushroom Risotto: I have linked to the only risotto recipe I use – but I never make it with mushrooms! I add whatever I want at the step when it asks for mushrooms. For me that is usually some cooked pumpkin, bacon, zucchini and capsicum. Always great and an easy meal in the Thermomix®.
  • Fajitas and Flour Tortillas: this fajita recipe uses the high heat function of the Thermomix® TM6. I usually use chicken, but may make beef for a change this week. The flour tortillas are great – I have only used this particular recipe once before but it is a winner.
  • Family Chicken Galette: I plan to prep this on Wednesday and then do the pastry and put it together on Thursday night for dinner. The filling components take a bit of time so it is good to prep ahead. It is so good and so worth the effort. Looking forward to this one!

Remember, if there are recipes on Cookidoo® that you always make some amendments to, then you can save your versions.

Click here to learn exactly how to edit and save Cookidoo® recipes.

Follow my cooking on the ThermoJo Socials

So now you know what I plan to cook, you can follow along on my social media accounts as I show you the results and some of the methods used.

I post stories on Instagram and Facebook as I cook with my Thermomix®.

Feel free to tag me in your cooking too!

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Without an account you can see the ingredients but not the cooking method. 
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