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Your Thermomix® can help with Christmas and Party planning

As a long term Thermomix® user I have my list of Christmas recipes that I use every year. To be honest, I really should do some of them more throughout the year.

In this post I wanted to share with you some of my favourites for Christmas Day, entertaining and for gifts. I also share some of the Cookidoo® collections that are really handy and include some great recipes.

My favourite Thermomix® Christmas recipes

My long term favourites, for Christmas Day and for the silly season in general, are:

  • Passionfruit Raspberry Dacquoise: This recipe was in the old TM31 cookbook. I have linked to it on the Recipe Community. This is such a great dessert – basically a nutty meringue. I suggest using fresh, not frozen fruit to decorate. Also the recipe never states when to add the vanilla so I put in just after the sugar. Click here to learn how to bring the recipe into Cookidoo®.
  • Chocolate Salami: I found this recipe online many years ago at a site called British Larder. I still follow this recipe years later, even through there are some similar recipes around, and some on Cookidoo®. I make three logs from each batch and coat in icing sugar. They keep in the freezer for months in the plastic wrap. My friends and family expect one as a gift every year, and love it!
  • Red and Green Christmas Shortbread: yum, with or without the chocolate dipping! This is a great recipe to make and store the rolls of dough in the freezer until you need it. I usually make three rolls from a batch.
  • Coconut Almond Snowballs: I made this for the first time last year and ended up making it twice. If you are a coconut lover, this is for you. I have made with and without the centre almond. Both good – but one much quicker to make!
  • Classic Chocolate Fudge: who doesn’t love a creamy chocolate fudge? So super easy in the Thermomix® and perfect every time. There are a few recipes so search for one you love.
  • Salted Chocolate Caramel Fudge:  Couldn’t resist another fudge recipe for caramel lovers. This is a goody!
  • Christmas Mince Pies: this is a new Cookidoo® recipe which I am going to try this year. You can use store bought fruit mince or make the Classic Christmas Fruit Mince in your Thermomix®.. 

Christmas this year will be our first living in Cairns. We won’t be travelling to family in Hobart until the New Year, so this year we will be doing things a little differently.

I am planning lots of seafood, a couple of salads, freshly baked bread, the dacquoise (linked above) and lots of champagne! All this with a dress code of “pool party” and lots of dips in the pool.

A few savoury options for entertaining using your Thermomix®

Yes, the previous section was all sweet and delicious – so time for some savoury favourites as well. Great for entertaining, or just for yourself! I have a couple of cocktail recipes here too.

  • Chicken liver paté:  I love paté and it is so easy and cheap to make. For the recipe linked the only change I would make is to blend for a minute at Step 3 to get extra smooth. Or you could try the Sous Vide Chicken liver paté. I haven’t tried that yet, but keen to try.
  • Crayfish paté: no I would never use good crayfish in this, but I have made it a few times for Christmas entreé and substituted canned crab meat for the crayfish. It is really good.
  • Capsicum and sun-dried tomato dip: this is an oldie and a goodie. A quick dip that everyone loves.
  • Patatas Bravas with chorizo: introduce a little of Spain into your entertaining. The sauce on this is great.
  • Citrus margarita: a regular at our place! The Thermomix® does such an incredible job of crushing ice for drinks.
  • Strawberry caipiroska: another cocktail that looks good. I haven’t tried this one yet, but it looks good.

There are also a heap of savoury recipes in the collection that I have linked to in the next section.

Christmas Collections on Cookidoo®

Collections on Cookidoo® are effectively cookbooks – some include all the recipes from a previously published book, and some are just a handful of recipes brought together with a common theme.

Click through to my blog posts to watch my videos on learning your way around Cookidoo®. 

Cookidoo® has a few Christmas Collections that make it a lot easier to find some recipes for your celebration. These include:

A few collections focused on gifts provide some yummy suggestions too.

Cookidoo® is the Thermomix® recipe database.
You need an account to view the full recipe details.
Without an account you can see the ingredients but not the cooking method. 
Click here to start your Cookidoo® free trial.

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