Thermomix Sales and Training in Australia

What training is available for Thermomix® and Cookidoo®?

I know that it can be pretty overwhelming when you first get a Thermomix®. There is so much it can do and you don’t know where to start when you open up Cookidoo® and see that there are over 80,000 recipes! 

Even if you have had your Thermomix® TM6 for a while, or have upgraded from the TM5 or TM6, there is still lots to learn and you may find yourself not using it as much as you used to or to it’s full potential.

For those reasons, I created the ThermoJo 30 Day Kickstart. This is designed to get you using and loving your Thermomix®.

I have been a Thermomix® owner since 2009 and a consultant in Australia since 2021. I initially created this training, which is a series of videos, for my customers, to help them learn every part of what their new Thermomix® can do.

I also include extensive training to get the most out of Cookidoo® and share a lot of ideas for great recipes to try in the early days – from basics, to weekday dinners and entertaining.

This training has now been opened to everyone. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can sign up for and benefit from Kickstart. You will learn how to use all the functions of the Thermomix® and you will be loving it in no time.

The ThermoJo 30 Day Kickstart is unique. The program is easy to follow and very thorough, and you won’t find it anywhere else.

Watch the video below to learn more about me and the ThermoJo 30 Day Kickstart.

Click here to see more detail about the ThermoJo 30 Day Kickstart.

YouTube video

Hear from ThermoJo Customers

My customers have loved this program and I hope you do too!

Your 30 Day Kickstart program is fantastic. I’ve just watched the day 24 video. I’m going to be sad in 7 days when I’ve run out of videos . I look forward to it every morning. This is a very comprehensive “how to use your TM6” course. It has given me the confidence / skills to try new things as I know how to perform tasks and what to expect. Thank you!!!
Thermojo's blue technical drawing
Upgraded from TM31 to TM6
Jo really strives to ensure you get the best out of your machine - her 30 Day Kickstart videos and tips get you learning & loving your new machine. I can highly recommend Jo as you go-to for all things Thermomix.
Yellow Thermojo product sketch
Upgraded from TM31 to TM6

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