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Why not buy yourself a Thermomix® for Christmas?

Have you been eyeing up the Thermomix® TM6 and trying to work out if you can justify buying it for yourself? Well maybe right now is the time. 

If you buy now, not only can you take advantage of the wonderful bonus deals on offer (see below!), but you will also have your new Thermomix® on your bench before Christmas – and with plenty of time to get to know how to use it to make the Christmas cooking so much easier. 

Have a read below of the payment options available, that make it super easy to get started now. There is even a 36 months interest free* offer that means you can pay less than $17 per week for your Thermomix®.

Buy through me and you get my support as your consultant, which includes free access to the ThermoJo 30 Day Kickstart to help you learn all about the TM6 and Cookidoo®. You will love it in no time!

Upgrade your Thermomix® this Christmas

Do you own an earlier Thermomix® model? If you were like me when I had my TM31, you always had a thought in the back of your mind about whether it was worth upgrading. From my experience, I can say it was a great experience to upgrade to the TM6 and I wish I had done it earlier.

The big differences you will experience with the TM6 over earlier models is:

  • Cookidoo® (there recipe database) is fully integrated and you use Guided Cooking to step through the recipes
  • High heat allows you to caramelise, stir fry and more
  • New modes are added via a software update as needed – so it just keeps getting better.

Buy your Mum or Dad a Thermomix® this Christmas

Perhaps now is the time to spoil your Mum or Dad this Christmas.

A Thermomix® is perfect for your Mum or Dad if they:

  • Love cooking
  • Hate cooking, but have to do it
  • Have a small kitchen and not a lot of bench space
  • Has some difficulties with cooking due to arthritis, reduced mobility or other reasons (see next section)

For people who love cooking, the Thermomix® opens up a new world of cooking, allowing you to do more with less time. They can prep for the next cook while the Thermomix® stirs and cooks the current recipe. They can use high heat and sugar stages to caramelise, stir fry and more. They will be making pastries, custards, sauces, jams and bread like the pros in no time.

For people who hate cooking and the process of planning what to cook, the Thermomix® can be a lifesaver. Using Cookidoo® they will find recipes for foods they know they love, and see how easy it can be to make these at home. The benefits of hands free cooking and stirring does have a major impact on all Thermomix® owners, and for people who hate cooking this means they will spend a lot less time in the kitchen and can do other things while the cooking part of each recipe happens without the need to be nearby.

For anyone who has a small kitchen or limited bench space, the Thermomix® TM6 is of great benefit. It is an appliance that you need to keep on your bench as you will start to use it everyday and it replaces most other appliances that you would otherwise use (or not use as they are at the back of the cupboard!). You will use the Thermomix® instead of the cooktop for almost every dish, which also means it is a safer way to cook. 

How the Thermomix® helps people with arthritis, reduced mobility or other restrictions

The many Thermomix® TM6 functions, modes and safety features contribute to the TM6 being of help to many people with arthritis, reduced mobility and disability.

Of course, everyone’s needs are different, so one person will find some features more important than others, and the next person will have other priorities.

When using for dishes that you would otherwise cook in a pot on the stove, some of the key features that may appeal to you include:

  • the cooking temperature can only be set if a time is set – therefore you cannot leave things cooking and forget them
  • food is cooked at a consistent temperature
  • food is stirred throughout the cooking process
  • there is red light indicator when the bowl is hot (else green when not hot)
  • the arms lock in place to secure the bowl so you can’t remove the bowl until it is safe to do so

These safety features of the Thermomix® TM6 are excellent for anyone who is a little forgetful, has trouble following a recipe, or is experiencing early onset dementia.

Other features you may need and like:

  • step-by-step guided cooking means you do not need to be able to follow a recipe – just follow the steps
  • the linked recipe database, Cookidoo®, has thousands of recipes and can be searched by numerous filters including ingredients, difficulty, time required etc.
  • the Thermomix® is portable, so can be used on any table or bench to suit you
  • settings allow you to alter the sound, volume and duration of the sound that plays when a cooking step ends
  • settings allow you to alter the brightness of the screen
  • settings allow you to change the language used on the Thermomix® TM6
  • there is an optional Blade Cover & Peeler attachment that will peel your vegetables for you – hands free!

If you, or someone you know, has a disability and an NDIS plan, then the following posts are worth a read:

Special offer when buying your Thermomix® this Christmas

ENDING SOON: Offer expires on 12 December 2022 at 12noon (AEDT). While stocks last.

The best purchase offer ever is currently live. If you purchase a Thermomix® TM6 you have the option to add on a second bowl set for only $29. These retail for $375, therefore you will save $346. 

As soon as you start using your Thermomix® you will find some days that a second bowl would be the best thing ever – as you once again wash the bowl between recipes or sometimes in the midst of a recipe. The best time to get that second bowl is now, when you buy your Thermomix® TM6.

If you are considering a Thermomix® TM6 purchase, then act now. This offer ends on 12 December, but is only available while stocks last.

As the images below show, some of the very handy uses of the second bowl include:

  • Go Back to basics: mill almond meal, icing sugar or grate parmesan cheese without stopping the flow of your recipe (because it is too easy to forget to do these before you start the recipe!)
  • Proof your pizza dough in one bowl while making your filling in the second bowl
  • Move through your recipes more quickly by simply switching bowls between recipes as opposed to cleaning and drying them each time
  • Use a second bowl, blade and lid set to whisk your egg whites, and fold them into your mixture for the best result
  • The secret to fluffy meringues is a sparkling clean bowl. And extra bowl, blade and lid set means you can keep one bowl for the eggs and continue the rest in your second bowl.

36 months interest free* option when buying a Thermomix® this Christmas

ENDING SOON: Offer ends 12pm AEDT Monday 12 December. Offer subject to change without notice. Please refer to for current information.

When purchasing your Thermomix® and Kobold® products from TheMix Shop, you have the option to purchase using ZipMoney.

A special offer is currently running through to 12pm AEDT Monday 12 December. During this period, transactions over $1200 will be able to select 36 months interest free* as a payment option.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get your new Thermomix® on your bench prior to Christmas – for as little as $16.97 per week*. Remember you also have the option to add on a second bowl set with your purchase, for just $29.

36 months interest free* – the fine print

*Available to approved applicants only and subject to completion of a satisfactory credit check. The repayment advertised will repay the transaction balance within the interest free period based on a $2645.20 purchase, inclusive of a monthly account fee of $7.95. Additional charges may also apply, see T&Cs.

Minimum monthly payments are required – paying only the minimum monthly repayment may not necessarily repay a purchase within the interest free period. Any balance outstanding at the expiry of the interest free period will be charged at the standard variable rate, 21.9% per annum as at 1 July 2022. Interest, fees and charges are subject to change.

Terms & conditions apply and are available on application. See your contract for further details. Credit provided by ZipMoney Payments Pty Ltd (ABN 58 164 440 993), Australian Credit Licence Number 441878.

Offer available between 12pm AEDT Tuesday 15 November and 12pm AEDT Monday 12 December.

Offer subject to change without notice. Please refer to for current information.

All the payment options when buying a Thermomix® this Christmas

Earn: You can earn your Thermomix® by signing up as a consultant. Terms and conditions apply. Contact me to learn more.

Single Payment: Pay for your Thermomix® today with one single payment. Use your credit card, EFT or PayPal.

PayPal: Pay for your Thermomix® today with one single payment using PayPal.

Easy 3: When you purchase through a consultant you get access to the Easy 3 options. Payments are today, in one month, and in two months.

ZipMoney: Zip Money’s no deposit finance is available when buying a Thermomix®. The period is normally 24 months, and there is the current offer for 36 months. You can pay the balance early for no penalty.

AfterPay: Use AfterPay to buy now and pay later. You can apply for an account, or increase to your limit, during the checkout process.

What are the deadlines for ordering a Thermomix® in time for Christmas delivery?

We have been told that the following ordering deadlines apply to ensure that your Thermomix® and Kobold® products are with you before Christmas.

  • WA & NT – Midnight AWST Wednesday, 14th December 2022
  • All other states – Midnight AWST Thursday, 15th December 2022
  • NZ – Midnight AWST Thursday, 15th December 2022

Given that there can always be unforeseeable logistic challenges, I do recommend ordering as soon as possible to ensure that you have everything you need well in advance of Christmas.

As your consultant I will help you learn to love your new Thermomix®

When you buy your Thermomix® TM6 through me you get my support as your consultant, which includes free access to the ThermoJo 30 Day Kickstart to help you learn all about the TM6 and Cookidoo®.

The ThermoJo 30 Day Kickstart program provides you with 30 days of videos (most less than 5 minutes).
Each focus on one topic with me taking you through the detail. You will love your new Thermomix® in no time!

In addition, I am here for you to ask questions, get recipe recommendations and help you as little or much as you like with your Thermomix® and cooking adventures.

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