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Lemon Curd in the Thermomix® - so simple!

You would imagine that something as delicious as lemon curd could be a little tricky to make. It probably is hard to make if you are trying to get the temperature right on a stove top and needing to stir. However, with the Thermomix® TM6 this becomes one of the simplest recipes of all.

For lemon curd you have just four ingredients:

  • Lemon juice
  • Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Butter

The Thermomix® TM6 recipe uses the Thicken Mode to produce a lemon curd that cools to a beautiful consistency. All you do is put each ingredient into the bowl and start thicken mode for just 10 minutes.

This recipe uses guided cooking, with each of the steps already programmed, so all you need to do is click Next and turn the dial.

A variation you can also try, is to firstly add some lemon zest to the Thermomix® bowl and blitz for a few seconds on speed 10. You can then continue with the recipe.  I have done this in the past and it provides a lovely extra burst of lemon in the final curd.

Click here to find the recipe on Cookidoo®.

YouTube video

How to use your Thermomix® Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd can be used as a filling for tarts and pastries, serve with sponge cake or simply use as a spread on toast.

We often use it to swirl through some natural yogurt, or on vanilla ice cream. It really is very delicious and super easy to make and have on hand in the fridge. 

Scaled image of lemon curd

Cookidoo® is the Thermomix® recipe database.
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Without an account you can see the ingredients but not the cooking method. 
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1 thought on “Recipe: Lemon Curd in the Thermomix®”

  1. The lemon curd makes a really fantastic and quick and easy dessert when combined with icecream and chocolate buds!
    A little fancy and very tasty.
    Also an excellent filling in eclairs.

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