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This Thermomix® Chicken Curry Pie is perfection

I spotted this chicken curry pie recipe in Cookidoo® a while ago and added it to my very optimistically titled “Try Soon” collection. Needless to say that it sat there for many months, untried.

So last week, in the spirit of trying some new recipes each week this year, I browsed this collection and decided to give it a go.

This recipe is from the Cookidoo® Collection: Good Food Mark LaBrooy.
This description for this collection says:

Bold, sustainable and fresh describe Mark LaBrooy of Three Blue Ducks cooking. Flavours that are sure to wake up your taste buds and remind you of what real cooking should taste like.

The Cookidoo® recipe for The Ultimate Chicken Curry Pie

Click here to head to the recipe for the Ultimate Chicken Curry Pie on Cookidoo®.

Firstly, note that the recipe asks you to commence the day before you want to assemble the pies. I didn’t… However I did do it early in the day so the mixture for the pie filling had plenty of time to chill in the fridge and become less wet.

Secondly, don’t be put off by the long list of ingredients. Most of them are for the curry spice mix. You basically put them all in your Thermomix®, roast for 5 minutes and then blitz. Super simple and worth the effort. I had almost everything on hand and just missed out the couple I didn’t have. It was still great.

This recipe does use the Blade Cover to ensure the chicken pieces do not get on the blades. I did that and everything stayed in place. However, there are plenty of recipes that don’t use the blade cover where if you use chicken thigh, you can be confident the pieces will stay in place when cooked on a low speed. I haven’t tried it without the blade cover, but I suggest it would be ok.

See my post on how best to use the Blade Cover and Peeler.


Assembling the Ultimate Chicken Curry Pie

Assembling individual pies is certainly not a skill of mine! They were very rustic.

However, I didn’t follow the directions to cut two circles of pastry, with a larger circle on the bottom. I am sure that would more easily create a neat pie with all contents well contained.

In an effort to not waste pastry I used puff pastry sheets and made square pies the first day, and then triangular when making the leftovers into pies a couple of days later. Each time I cut two pastry sheets into two and made four pies by folding the pastry over and pinching together the open sides. I will probably do triangular again next time as they were more successful.

Bonus Leftovers to make it easy next time

The recipe calls for the remaining curry sauce to be spooned over the pies when serving.

I didn’t do this, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I didn’t fancy a potentially soggy pie, and secondly there is a lot of sauce and I figured that could be used when next making this dish.

So my leftover sauce is now in two portions in the freezer ready for two future batches of pies. For each, I will just need to add 800 grams of chicken to make 8 medium sized pies. 

This is a great tasting recipe that I recommend you make. Yum 😊.


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