Buy a Thermomix & Learn to love your Thermomix With ThermoJo

Have you decided to buy a Thermomix®?

Buy your new Thermomix® TM6 + receive free video training

Congratulations on making the decision to purchase a Thermomix® TM6. I just know you will love it!

Click here to see all the current offers in case there is one you want to grab.

When you buy, with me as your consultant, you will also receive free access to my video training for Thermomix® and Cookidoo®, the ThermoJo 30 Day Kickstart.

These videos are my way to support you when you buy your new Thermomix®. They are designed to get you using and loving your Thermomix®, and enjoy the bonus time an extra pair of hands gives you every day.

Of course, I am also here to respond to your questions at any time and help you make the most of your new Thermomix®.

To purchase your Thermomix® TM6 and have me as your ongoing consultant, follow the steps below.

If you would prefer to see the Thermomix® in action before you buy, please get in touch and we can arrange to meet up on Zoom.

Purchase your Thermomix® using NDIS funding

If you have an NDIS Plan and the purchase of a Thermomix® aligns with your goals, you may be able to use your NDIS funds to purchase your TM6.

Click here to read about the processes for purchasing a Thermomix® with NDIS funds

Earn your new Thermomix® TM6 as a Thermomix® Consultant

Another way you can purchase your new Thermomix® is to earn it when you join as a Thermomix® Consultant.

Of course, you can purchase your TM6 in the standard way and still join as a consultant, but there is the option to earn a TM6 in your first 60 days if you choose.

Click here for all the FAQs on starting as a Thermomix® Consultant in Australia and how to earn your TM6.

Follow the Steps to Buy

To purchase your Thermomix® online today, follow the steps here. Your Thermomix® will then be on the way to you within a day or two.

Thermomix shopping cart showing TM6

What payment options are available to purchase my Thermomix®?

Thermomix® offers a range of payment options, which are detailed below.

Click here to see the payments required for each payment option

What happens after I order my Thermomix®?

As your consultant, I will receive a notification of your order within an hour or so of your purchase. I will email you within 24 hours (and normally much more quickly!) to thank you for your order and help you get prepared for your new Thermomix®.

From this first email you will have the link and coupon code to sign up for free to my video training for Thermomix® and Cookidoo®. I will also make sure you have the link to sign up to Cookidoo®. Therefore, if you choose, you can start browsing recipes in Cookidoo® and watching my videos before your TM6 arrives.

I will also receive a notification from Thermomix® when your TM6 (and any other items you may have purchased) have been dispatched. I will forward this email, with the tracking link, onto you straight away.

I will be in touch once again when your Thermomix® arrives to see how you are going and will ask if you would like to meet to go through the set up process.

What is included with the free training for Thermomix® and Cookidoo®?

My video training for Thermomix® and Cookidoo®, the ThermoJo 30 Day Kickstart, is designed to get you using and loving your Thermomix®.

I have been a Thermomix® owner since 2009 and a consultant in Australia since 2021. I created this series of videos for my customers, to help them learn every part of what their new Thermomix® can do. I also share a lot of ideas for great recipes to try in the early days – from basics, to weekday dinners and entertaining.

The ThermoJo 30 Day Kickstart is unique. The program is easy to follow and very thorough, and you won’t find it anywhere else.

Watch the video below to learn more about me and the ThermoJo 30 Day Kickstart.

YouTube video

What can I expect from you as my Thermomix® Consultant?

When you buy a Thermomix® in Australia you effectively also purchase the services of a Thermomix® Consultant.

You can purchase your Thermomix® online without nominating a consultant, and Thermomix® will allocate one for you. However, this removes the choice for you, and the level of support you receive may not suit what you would like.

So if you choose to purchase through me, as your Thermomix® Consultant, this is what you can expect from me.

  • Firstly, a massive thank you for supporting my business
  • A welcome email which includes details for signing up for Cookidoo® and my free training
  • An email confirmation when your Thermomix® has been dispatched
  • Exclusive access to online video training for Thermomix® and Cookidoo®, ThermoJo 30 Day Kickstart to help you learn to use and love your new Thermie
  • The option to jump online together to get you started with your new Thermomix®
  • A monthly (sometimes twice monthly) newsletter with recipe inspiration and news
  • The rest is up to you! I am here to respond to your questions, run a cooking demo for you and your friends if you like and share cooking class details.
  • What I won’t do is constantly nag you to host a demo and invite your friends. However I will make sure you know where to find all the current offers and host rewards and how that works so you can decide if you would like to grab an offer when it suits you.

Please get in touch if you have any questions at all about the Thermomix® TM6, how to purchase, or about how I can support you as your Thermomix® Consultant.

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