What is a Thermomix®?

A Thermomix® is a smart, connected all-in-one kitchen appliance. The current model is the Thermomix® TM6.

I like to think of the Thermomix® as an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. In terms of its functions, it can do anything you would normally do on the stovetop (yes it cooks!) plus it can chop, blend, ferment, whip, mill, steam and so much more. You can even cook sous vide style and peel potatoes.

The short video playlist below introduces you to each of the Thermomix® modes.

What is Cookidoo®?

Cookidoo® is an online recipe platform that includes over 70,000 recipes for the Thermomix®. 

By connecting your Thermomix® TM6 to Cookidoo® , you can use guided cooking to take you through recipes step-by-step.

You do still have the option to use the manual mode, where you select the time, temperature and speed for each step in your cooking. Using Cookidoo®, these settings are already programmed into the recipe and all you need to do is follow the instructions on the screen as you add ingredients.

The short videos below introduce you to guided cooking on the Thermomix® TM6, and an introduction to Cookidoo®, including how to search and save recipes. It really is as easy as it looks.

YouTube video
YouTube video

Learn more about the Thermomix® TM6

Whether you are new to the Thermomix or an experienced cook with your TM31 or TM5,
I can’t wait to help you discover new and delicious ways to use the Thermomix.

If you are yet to discover the Thermomix TM6, please get in touch. I would love to show you all it can do to help you every day. 

There are several ways I can help you if you are not yet sure if a Thermomix® TM6 is for you.

FREE Video Series: Your Thermomix® TM6 Questions Answered

ThermoJo free video series, answering questions image

My FREE Video Series: Your Thermomix® TM6 Questions Answered is for you if you don’t yet know much about the Thermomix® TM6 and would like to see the highlights of how it can help you in the kitchen everyday. This video series is also a great starting point if you are a TM31 or TM5 owner and are considering an upgrade. Here you will see all the differences and benefits of upgrading to the TM6.

Click here to grab the ThermoJo FREE Video Series: Your Thermomix® TM6 Questions Answered

See the Thermomix® TM6 in action and ask all your questions

Are you keen to see the Thermomix® TM6 in action? Can it really do everything you have heard about and more? If you want to see for yourself and have an opportunity to ask all your questions, then now is the time to book a time with me to do that. 

Sessions on Zoom can run from as little as 15 minutes, through to 45 minutes. You can even invite some friends along and earn yourself a host reward in the longer sessions. If you are a current TM31 or TM5 owner the session will be customised to you and your experience.

If you live in Hobart, then we also have the option to have a Thermomix® Cooking Experience at your place. I will come along and cook three dishes to show you the variety of what the TM6 can do.

Click here to book a time in my schedule now.

30 Day Kickstart: when you buy your Thermomix® TM6 with ThermoJo

Finally, if you choose to buy a Thermomix® TM6 through me, then I will be your consultant for ongoing support. For me, that is not just about waiting for you to contact me with a question or problem. My goal is for you to quickly learn how to use your new TM6 and to love it. I want you to be saving time in the kitchen every day now that you have an extra pair of hands to help.

My ThermoJo 30 Day Kickstart program provides you with everything you need to know, in that first month, to be making the most of your new Thermomix® TM6 from the very start.

Click here to learn more about ThermoJo 30 Day Kickstart.

Click here to buy your new Thermomix® TM6 now.

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