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In breaking news, the Thermomix purchase and trade up offers have been extended!

In summary:

  • Trade in your Thermomix® TM5 and receive a $300 discount and a bonus second bowl set – now available through to 14 November
  • Purchase a Thermomix® TM6 and you have the option to add on a second bowl set for just $29 – now available through to 30 November

As we enter my birthday month 🥳, I am also very mindful of the silly season approaching. Of course, aside from Christmas, this can also be peak wedding and engagement season in many places (but not so much in the tropical wet season!). So thinking about that I wanted to share with you how the Thermomix® Gift Registry service works. Please see more detail below and get in touch if this interests you.

If you own a TM6 you may have noticed a software update in the last day or two that adds a new mode to your Thermomix®. How cool is it that the TM6 just keeps getting better? The new mode is called Thermomix® Sensor and has just been released globally. The Thermomix® Sensor is a digital thermometer for cakes, meat, and bread that extends and connects your Thermomix® to your oven, stovetop and grill. It will be released in Australia in 2024.

A quick tip: when viewing your modes, click on the three dots in the top right and select to Edit View. Then select Thermomix® Sensor and choose the option to Hide. Then select again and choose to Show. The mode will then be moved from the top down to the end of your modes list. So it is out of the way until the product is released and ready to use.

And finally, a new collection will be released on Cookidoo® tomorrow called Dressings. This sounds like a good one to check out as we come into the warmer weather.

Happy cooking!

Jo 😊

Thermomix® Gift Registry

A gift registry is the perfect way to get exactly what you want or need when celebrating a major milestone.

With Thermomix® you can set up a registry for your own event, or set it up with a friend or family member as the lucky recipient.

This is the perfect way to get a Thermomix® and to celebrate a wedding, engagement, birthday, anniversary, new baby, Christmas or any other special occasion.

Your guests will love knowing that they are contributing to something that will be enjoyed for years to come.

OFFER EXTENDED: Second bowl for $29 with the purchase of a new TM6

The new gift with purchase offer for Thermomix® TM6 is the best right now.

Purchase a Classic White or Sparkling Black TM6 and you have the option to add on a second bowl, blade and lid set for only $29. These retail for $395, so you save $366.

Offer available from 9am AWST Tuesday 10 October until 11:59pm AWST Thursday 30 November 2023 .

Please remember to add the second bowl set to your bag at checkout.

The Sparkling Black is for a limited time and only available while stocks last.

Click here to purchase the Classic White TM6

Click here to purchase the Sparkling Black TM6

OFFER EXTENDED: Trade up your TM5 to a TM6

Thermomix® TM5 owners in Australia currently have the opportunity to upgrade to the Thermomix® TM6 model, through a trade up program. Your TM5 can be in any condition and does not need to be working.

By trading in your current TM5 Thermomix®, you will receive a $300 discount on the TM6. In addition, you will receive a bonus Thermomix® Bowl, Blade and Lid Set, valued at $395. In total, this represents a value of $695 for the trade in.

Available until 11.59pm (AWST) Tuesday 14 November 2023.

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