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Have you been scouring all the Black Friday sales like me? This is your reminder that the 20% off sale at The MixShop ends on Tuesday at 12 noon (AEDT). So now is the time to add the final items to your cart and checkout. I have had my cart open for days, so best do this myself as well!

Below is a reminder of some of my favourite things, with one extra added at the top. I can’t believe I forgot to add in the Blade Cover and Peeler to my list I sent you last week.

  • Blade Cover and Peeler: this doubles as a blade cover when using the Sous Vide and Slow Cooker modes, plus a peeler for your hard vegetables. I admit I was sceptical at first, but I use it every time for peeling potatoes and love it. Click here to see my post and video all about the peeler.
  • The Ovana Pizza Oven: this compact pizza oven will cook your pizzas in 90 seconds or less, plus you can use for steak, skewers and more using the sizzle pan.
  • The Glider Board: this is perfect if you need to move your TM6 around the bench. This ensures you are never in danger of dragging your TM6 and potentially damaging the scales which are located in the three feet.
  • Baking trays and tins: the beautiful rose gold bakeware will be on sale, along with everything else
  • Silicone bakeware: Love these for easy baking with no need to grease the tin. I especially love the silicone mini loaf pan.
  • Oven tray liners: ditch the baking paper and use these to line your trays. Available in four sizes.
  • Cupcake Pen: perfect for pancakes, and also for filling muffin and doughnut pans.
  • Vac-U-Seal Containers: I have only recently got some of these and love them for keeping fresh food fresher for so much longer.
  • Firra Cast Iron Range: I don’t have these items, but have heard rave reviews. So worth checking out while on sale.
  • TM6 Bowl Blade and Lid Set: the only time to buy an extra bowl is when they are on sale!!
  • Knives: I particularly like my pairing knife and cleaver knife, and the pizza knife of course.
  • Kobold Vacuums: the new Kobold VK7 cleaning system will also be on sale, with up to $300 off the bundled products. I have the previous model and love it!!

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If you purchase, please add Jo Reardon as your consultant at checkout. It is much appreciated 😊.

TheMix Shop and Kobold Cyber Sale ends 12 noon Tuesday 28 Nov (AEDT).

*T&Cs apply. Excludes Thermomix® TM6, Thermomix® Magazine, Kobold VK7 Machine Bundles, already discounted bundles, gift cards, host rewards, and cooking classes. Discount already applied.


The second bowl purchase offer is ending this coming Thursday. So if you, or someone you know, is keen to buy a Thermomix® TM6, then now is the time to seriously think a little more about it. It has been confirmed that this offer will not be extended.

Remember, you can live anywhere in Australia to buy through me as your consultant. As my customer you will get free access to my online video tutorials to help you make the most of your TM6.

Also, if you know someone about to buy, please offer to host a short demo for them and you will be rewarded with a Thermomix® Cutter if they purchase. Or, if a demo is not possible, please request your personal referral code from me and you will be rewarded with a discounted Cutter if your friend buys. Happy to chat through all the details.

Happy cooking!

Jo 😊

ENDS THURSDAY: Second bowl for $29 with the purchase of a new TM6

The new gift with purchase offer for Thermomix® TM6 is the best right now.

Purchase a TM6 and you have the option to add on a second bowl, blade and lid set for only $29. These retail for $395, so you save $366.

Offer available from 9am AWST Tuesday 10 October until 11:59pm AWST Thursday 30 November 2023 .

Please remember to add the second bowl set to your bag at checkout.

BOOK NOW: The Thermomix® Cutter is a Limited Time Host Reward

For a limited time, you can choose a Thermomix® Cutter as your Host Reward if one of your guests purchases a TM6. All other host reward options are still available to you.

Available for demos that take place from Tuesday 7 November to Monday 4 December. Online, or at my place or yours if you are in or near Cairns.

Contact me if you would like to host a Thermomix® demo and earn a host reward.

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