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It is time to once again refresh the offers available from Thermomix®, and share some more recipe ideas with you.

Firstly, in great news, the Limited Edition Sparkling Black Thermomix® TM6 is still available. Act quickly if you would like to get one on your bench. Read on for all the details of the latest purchase offer.

New purchase offer with the TM6: Your TM6 (Black or White) currently comes with the option to add on a second bowl set for only $29. This is a massive saving on $366.

TM5 trade up is here: if you want to know all about the differences between your TM5 and the TM6, then please get in touch. Two of the key benefits are high heat and guided cooking with Cookidoo® fully integrated, and they are game changers. I am more than happy to show you the TM6 to help you make a decision. You can either take advantage of the trade up offer, or perhaps grab the incredible gift with purchase offer on now. All the details below.

Half price offers to start as a Thermomix® Consultant: If you already own a Classic White TM6 and love it, then for only $75 you can get your business started. Or if you need to purchase a Classic White TM6, then you can earn it (as I did) and get started for only $495. What do you have to lose? See all the details below and please get in touch to learn more.

Collections on Cookidoo®: there are new collections on Cookidoo® each month, so keep an eye out. The new one from the Australian test kitchen is Mini Cakes, which use the new mini cake tins available on The Mix Shop. Also, when you are searching in Collections, change your filters to include other countries to find many more options. A few other good collections you may not have found include:

  • Alternative Milks (Australia and NZ)
  • Free From (UK and Ireland) – great if you need to avoid gluten, dairy etc.
  • Just Mash (Australia and NZ) – I always use the Mashed Potato for Two recipe, and you can up the quantity to fill the basket. Then add in what you want at the end. For me, just butter and some salt.
  • Thickening with TM6, Sauces, Custards and Curds (Australia and NZ) – the thickening mode is such a great feature of the TM6
  • Magnolia Kitchen (Australia and NZ) – for when you need a little decadence
  • Fermentation Mode (UK and Ireland) – another great mode of the TM6 to make yoghurt, prove dough, make soft cheese and more
  • Cocktails – a very popular use of the Thermomix®! This links to all the Collections on Cocktails from Australia/NZ and UK and Ireland.

Happy cooking and cocktail making!

Jo 😊

NEW: Second bowl for $29 with the purchase of a new TM6

The new gift with purchase offer for Thermomix® TM6 is the best right now.

Purchase a Classic White or Sparkling Black TM6 and you have the option to add on a second bowl, blade and lid set for only $29. These retail for $395, so you save $366.

Offer available from 9am AWST Tuesday 10 October until 11:59pm AWST Tuesday 31 October 2023 .

Please remember to add the second bowl set to your bag at checkout.

The Sparkling Black is for a limited time and only available while stocks last.

Click here to purchase the Classic White TM6

Click here to purchase the Sparkling Black TM6

AVAILABLE NOW: Trade up your TM5 to a TM6

Thermomix® TM5 owners in Australia currently have the opportunity to upgrade to the Thermomix® TM6 model, through a trade up program. Your TM5 can be in any condition and does not need to be working.

By trading in your current TM5 Thermomix®, you will receive a $300 discount on the TM6. In addition, you will receive a bonus Thermomix® Bowl, Blade and Lid Set, valued at $395. In total, this represents a value of $695 for the trade in.

Available until 11.59pm (AWST) Tuesday 31 October 2023.

ZipMoney 36 month interest free finance

One of the standard payment options for the Thermomix® and Kobold® is interest free finance through ZipMoney. Normally this is for 24 months, however through to the end of October the period is 36 months.

This limited time offer can be used in conjunction with our current purchase offers, even to pay for the deposit on your Thermomix® if you choose to earn your TM6 as a new consultant.

View the terms and conditions of this offer.

Start your Thermomix® biz from just $75

You can currently start your Thermomix® consulting business from as little as $75, by purchasing the business kit for half price. This business kit is valued at over $410. It includes a Thermomix® Server, Thermomix® Carry Bag, Baking Mat, apron, bamboo serving bowls, essential stationery, and more.

You need to own a Classic White Thermomix® TM6 to start as a consultant. If you don’t yet own one, then you also have a great deal at the moment to earn your Thermomix®. The deposit needed to get the TM6 on your bench is half price, at only $420. Therefore, along with your business kit, the total investment to get started is now only $495. Plus you can even put that cost on AfterPay or ZipMoney if you choose.

This offer is only available for new Consultants with a 60 Day Program start date between 12 September 2023 and 31 October 2023 (inclusive).

I am more than happy to have a chat with you if you are looking for a side hustle or small business and are wondering about this opportunity.

Click here to read more about being a Thermomix® Consultant.

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