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If you are anything like me, you probably have a chicken dish or two for dinner each week. Maybe even more so now that other meat is so much more expensive.

Since moving from the Thermomix® TM31 to the TM6 I have tried out lots of new recipes while using Cookidoo® – the recipe app that connects to your TM6.

Here are my current top 5 chicken dishes that definitely deserve to be in the dinner rotation.

Who loves Mexican? Definitely us. This is super easy and so yum, plus a great meal to prepare ahead. I think it is easier to roll up the wraps if the chicken mixture is cold and a bit thicker. So I usually cook this earlier in the day or a day or two beforehand. Then on the night all you have to do is roll them up and throw into the oven.

Recipe on Cookidoo®: Chicken and Spinach Enchiladas

This recipe uses chicken thighs and is cooked in the oven. The incredibly flavoursome sauce is made in your Thermomix® and then poured over the chicken. You then pop it in the oven for one hour and prepare some vegetables to do on the side.

Recipe on Cookidoo®: Paprika Chicken with Sour Cream Sauce

This is a quick chicken curry that is perfect for a quick meal when you don’t have a lot of prep time. 

You can easily make this a few days ahead and the flavours will develop more. It is also flexible if you want to add more chicken and additional vegetables to the curry.

Recipe on Cookidoo®: Creamy Coconut Chicken Curry

The Murgh Makhani recipe on Cookidoo® is so so good. It is a dish that takes a little more time and has a lot of ingredients, but it really is so worth the effort. The curry sauce is amazing. You really will be impressing yourself and others with this one.

If you have time to cook this a day or two ahead, then the flavours will continue to develop. You can then return the dish to the Thermomix® bowl and use the Warm Up mode on the TM6 to get it ready for dinner.

It is perfect just served with rice, or you could make some naan to accompany it.

Recipe on Cookidoo®: Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken)

I only made the Nasi Goreng for the first time last week, but it will definitely be a regular meal. It is simple and really tasty.

This recipe makes a heap – enough for six generous serves. So if you have a few to feed, or like to have leftovers for later in the week, lunches or the freezer, then this recipe is worth a look.

Recipe on Cookidoo®: Nasi Goreng

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1 thought on “My Go-To Chicken Meals in the Thermomix®”

  1. All these dishesare fantastic.
    Just be careful with the chilli quantities in the Nasi Goreng as it was quite warm!
    And I love your creamy potato dish to accompany the Paprika Chicken which I am sure you will post about soon too.

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